Monday, December 27, 2010


There are no words that I could write to ever accurately define the sorrow and regret expressed by Author Jeff Falkel in the book he wrote about his son Chris; “The Making of Our Warrior”, How SSG Chris Falkel became a Green Beret Warrior and Hero. The task of explaining to others the emotions that Jeff expresses through his writing is impossible to accomplish and that is why this book is a must read for everyone. I mean absolutely everyone; ‘disregardless’ of their political affiliation, religious views or any other orientation that may guide anybody’s thought process.

This book will absolutely change your mind about the way you see the world in which we live and the freedoms we take so easily for granted here at home. It will leave some readers feeling ashamed of whom they have become in comparison to this young man, his brothers and his father. For others, they will feel a since of pride in that they shared in his sacrifice in some way; be it through their service to our great nation, in doing their patriotic duty here at home, by serving their own communities in some way or another, or by just flying Old Glory in front of the house, paying their taxes and voting their conscience when the time comes. One thing for sure; after reading this book, the feelings of indifference that many of our fellow citizens feel about OUR war, OUR government, OUR military, OUR freedoms and OUR way of life will no longer exist!

As I read Jeff’s words I could hear Chris calling as he pointed the way, “Pick up a Weapon and Follow Me; I am the Infantry!” Chris’ life example is a call for action, for all to head. The story beckons the reader to take a stance as Chris did. He stood the test in defense of our nation! His life is a call to action, to do that which we are capable of to ensure that life as we know it and the freedoms we have protected will not perish. It is a reminder of exactly who we are as a people and what it has taken for us to become the greatest nation on earth, the last bastion of freedom.

Still, there is one particular point in his writing that I must put my foot down and absolutely disagree with Mr. Falkel about. On various occasions he wrote; “My only regret, of the entire battle, was that I was not there. It is the only regret I have for my entire life. It is a pain that I will never recover from.” And although the pain of having lost his son may never subside; the fact is, Jeff Falkel was there with his son that day and everyday of his life, be it physically or spiritually. Jeff you lived in your son’s heart, in his mind and in his soul.

I can tell you all from my own experiences in life that the lessons my father taught me as a child are still with me and I hear his voice everyday. Whenever I have a decision to make, my first thought is; “How would my father go about doing this?” Then I ask myself, “Would my father approve?”

As a fellow soldier, I am absolutely positive that Chris was asking himself those very same questions from the moment he left home, throughout his time in service and at that very moment of his glory. I know without a shadow of doubt that as he fought so valiantly that day, he had his father there with him, at his side, on his left side, in his Falcon Spirit, covering his Six! Just as Jeff feels that his son Chris is there with him, guiding him, making demands of him to this day, he was there with Chris that day, if not in body, then in mind and soul.

For over two decades you were there for him, and prepared him to face the greatest moments of his life. You prepared him to become one of a few selected individuals to earn the Green Beret. You prepared him to spread his wings and fly as only he could, as a member of that ‘Spartan Team of Brothers.’ You prepared him so that he would be able to take his place around the fire as a member of something greater than himself, as member of the Brotherhood! The Brotherhood of the Warrior, the Brotherhood of the Special Forces Soldier and with him he brought the spirit of his father, and in his action he reflected the spirit of his ancestors, the Lakota Spirit of the Falcon!

Because of you, your son Chris earned his place in history as a Warrior among Warriors. He has brought honor and respect to his name, to his Brothers-in-Arms and to ‘Our’ family. Therefore I say feel not regret, for you did your part and embrace the pain; because as you wrote, “That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger!”

God Bless the Falkel Family and our Nations Warriors!

“De Oppresso Liber!”

S. B. (Steve) Newman, Author
The Night Eagles Soared

Monday, December 20, 2010

An Update from the Author

The Night Eagles Soared is about a Special Forces Team Sergeant who leads the first team of Green Berets into Afghanistan after 9-11; and although it is a fictional story it is based on true events, facts and emotion. As the Author, I created the protagonist Mike, and that allowed me to construct the story based on my own experiences in the Army.

Told in 1st person narrative, the protagonist relates the story of how he came to be selected to lead this team at that incredible moment in history. The story begins at the ending and goes back in time taking the reader on a journey into the jungles of South America and across the deserts of the Middle East. It comes around full circle to end at the beginning, through, “The Night Eagles Soared.”

My original intent was to create a story that would be understandable and enjoyable to younger readers, say at the age of seventeen. I did this by not making the story so technical that only my fellow soldiers would be able to understand it. My hope has always been that the story will impart a sense of pride in the military and perhaps convince some to join.

So far my youngest reader has been ten years old and I’ve been told that it is the cleanest war book ever written. The reason for that is? Tate Publishing is a Christian organization, and therefore required me to find others ways of describing certain scenes that are violent or sexual in nature without using gratuitously graphic language. This reality stretched my abilities as a writer by forcing me to come up with other ways of describing certain subjects. The end result was the creation of a much better story that not only leaves some detail to the readers’ imagination, but also appeals to a much wider audience.

Since the official release date on the 5th of October, 2010 we have received endorsements from several different organizations. First the Green Beret Foundation that supports wounded Special Forces Soldiers and their families. Second, the Special Forces Book that generally lists only non-fiction but included “The Night Eagles Soared” in their line up as an exception to the rule because the story rings so true. Thirdly, we have received an endorsement from the warriors on Professional; which is an online forum for Special Forces soldiers and others. Lastly, we have recently received an endorsement by the Soldiers’ Angels, a benevolent organization that is supporting thousands of our soldiers through the sending of letters and care packages among other incredible acts of kindness and generosity. I am so proud to be associated with all of these fantastic organizations and appreciate greatly their support of my writing.

In other news, I recently contacted my publisher and informed them about my intent to complete the sequel to “The Night Eagles Soared” so far titled, “Burnt Yellow and Red.” Their response based on the synopsis that I provided was to immediately offer me a contract with the proposed start of production in March 2011. If we meet this deadline, it will enable us to release the sequel sometime in late summer, early fall of 2011.

Most recently, we were nominated for consideration to compete for the W. Y. Boyd, Literary Award for Excellence in Military Fiction. This award is administered by the American Library Association and will be granted sometime in July 2011. This doesn’t mean we’ve won the award, it just means that we are in the running and being considered, an incredible honor that stands on its own merit.

Therefore, please allow me to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the readers out there that have purchased and enjoyed their copy of “The Night Eagles Soared.”

God bless you all and never forget that fortune favors the bold!

“De Oppresso Liber”

S. B. (Steve) Newman, Author
The Night Eagles Soared

Friday, December 3, 2010

Special Offer from the Author S. B. Newman

For every copy of my book, "The Night Eagles Soared" purchased through the Buy Now secure Pay Pal button found at the top of this page I will donate $2 to Soldiers Angels; a non-profit organization that is doing a great deal of outstanding work in support of our troops!

Please help me, help them do what they do through the purchase of my book, "The Night Eagles Soared." Not only will you recieve a signed copy of the book directly from the Author, you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting a unique soldier support organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for our nations finest men and women!

Thank you and God Bless!

"De Oppresso Liber"

S. B. (Steve) Newman

Monday, November 29, 2010

A Few Thoughts About the Book

My book, titled “The Night Eagles Soared” has been a work in progress for many years. My mother, God rest and bless her soul, was an English teacher and writer. It was her love of language that inspired me to become an Author.

Throughout my entire adult life, I served our great nation as a member of the United States Army Special Forces. It was while serving on active duty, in 2002, in Afghanistan that I came up with the idea to write a fictional story based upon my own life experiences and although this is a fictional work, the story itself is based on true events.

I got started on it in February 09, when my wife convinced me to stop working in order to focus on writing the book I had been talking about for so long. She was very persistent and so I agreed. The journey to completing the manuscript was very difficult. I learned that being creative is not something that I could switch on and off. It was something that required inspiration and I struggled through the entire process. In fact I was only able to complete about sixty percent of the manuscript before we moved in late May 09 to South Florida to pursue an important career opportunity for her.

Prior to our move, I had almost given up on the project, and started working on a business plan instead. Shortly after our arrival to South Florida, I finished writing the business plan, and a small prayer to go with it. I printed it out, along with the plan and all its supporting documents and put it into a package for my banker with whom I had an appointment the next day. That morning I got up, dressed, picked up the plan and drove to the bank. Sitting in the parking lot, I read over the plan and came to the prayer. I read it out load to myself and it was at that moment an incredible feeling came over me. Somehow I knew that what I was doing wasn’t what God wanted me to do. So I drove home and started writing, in just a few short weeks, I finished the book and sent it to Tate Publishing for review. This is the prayer that I wrote:

Father, I thank you that you are fighting our battles for us. I thank you that you’re going to show us some of that immeasurable, far and beyond favor! God, I know that you are in control, and even though this looks impossible, I know today could be the day that things turn around. Today could be the day you restore my faith in myself, today could be the day that you help me to get my business off the ground, this could be the day that I see a miracle! Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. Father I thank you that your favor is coming in a new way. Your favor is opening doors that men say are impossible to open. I thank you that your favor will cause me to receive what I need in order to enhance the lives of all those around me and for those whom I have yet to meet. Thank you for helping me create a business that will change the lives of not only my family but the lives of many others. Thank you for your favor lord! Amen

My work has been classified as Fiction, War, Military, Action - Adventure and it is available for order everywhere books ares sold! There are some religious and other philosophical sub categories that the book may fit into, especially when you consider the prayers, and the irony of Christians going into a predominately Muslim nation to rescue its people from an Islamic Caliphate or dictatorship.

So far we have recieved major endorsments from Professional, The Green Beret Foundation and "The Special Forces Book"

The motto of the Special Forces is “De Oppresso Liber” which means “Freedom for the Oppressed.” We often would say that we were on a mission from God!

S. B. (Steve) Newman, Author
The Night Eagles Soared

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank You!

Almighty GOD, Who art the Author of liberty and the Champion of the oppressed, hear our prayer.

We, the men of Special Forces, acknowledge our dependence upon Thee in the preservation of human freedom. Go with us as we seek to defend the defenseless and to free the enslaved.

May we ever remember that our nation, whose motto is “In God We Trust”, expects that we shall acquit ourselves with honor, that we may never bring shame upon our faith, our families, or our fellow men.

Grant us wisdom from Thy mind, courage from Thine heart, strength from Thine arm, and protection by Thine hand. It is for Thee that we do battle, and to Thee belongs the victor’s crown. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory, forever. AMEN

My book, is told in first person narrative by an American Special Forces Team Sergeant as he leads the first team into Afghanistan after 9-11. Throughout the story he takes the audience on an incredible journey into the jungles of South America and across the deserts of the Middle East through - “The Night Eagles Soared.” And although it is a fictional story, it is based on true events, emotions, and fact.

The book is also about the legacy of a soldier, the intangible legacy of having devoted ones life to ensuring that the freedoms we enjoy today are protected for those we love and care about the most for generations to come. It is about dedication and sacrifice for a higher calling, it is about me, it is about you, and it is about all of us who have served.

Today, while we celebrate Thanksgiving, there are hundreds of thousands of young men and women serving our great nation in our quest to maintain the freedoms we enjoy. One thought that remains in the back of my mind is that there is no other country like this in the world. This is it! The last true and only bastion of real freedom in the world; there is no other place like it on earth, no other place to escape to should we fail to protect what we have. That is why I am so grateful to those who have chosen to serve us at this moment in history. We owe them a debt of gratitude that can not be underestimated. We owe them everything, so please allow me to say “Thank you” to all our veterans and active duty military on this day of thanks.

God Bless and “De Oppresso Liber”

S. B. (Steve) Newman, Author
The Night Eagles Soared

Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Soldiers' Angles"

Recently, I experienced one of the most incredible opportunities of my life while speaking at the National Warfighter Symposium down in Fort Benning Georgia. I met Shelle Micheals of Soldiers’ Angles; a non profit organization that is doing some truly amazing things for our troops. Their motto is:

May No Soldier Go Unloved

May No Soldier Walk Alone

May No Soldier Be Forgotten

Until They All Come Home!

Founded in March of 2003 by Patti Patton-Bader they are working everyday to achieve the stated goals of their motto! Yes, I think Patti is a direct descendent of General Patton, isn’t that something? Sorry, I got a little off track, and for most of you who really know me, that isn’t unusual, oh there I go again. Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment here and write about that day and tell you about the Soldiers’ Angel project and invite all of you over to their Facebook Page to learn more about the organization and the incredible work they are doing!

Oh, and if you would like to donate to them here is the information on how to do just that!

Call them at: 218-779-7271

Or send a letter with a check or money order to:
Donate: Soldiers' Angels
4408 N PanAm Exprwy
San Antonio, TX 78218

Or you can do it through your cell by sending a quick text to: TEXT: SOLDIERS to 20222

S. B. (Steve) Newman, Author
The Night Eagles Soared

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Official Release Special Offer

Buy Now and I will also donate $2.00 to the Green Beret Foundation!

During this special offer I have reduced the price of my book from $18.99 to $16.99 as we celebrate the official release of "The Night Eagles Soared" throughout the month of October!

Not only am I reducing the price but I am also pledging a $2.00 donation for every copy of "The Night Eagles Soared" sold from this site to the Green Beret Foundation.

What is the Green Beret Foundation you ask?

The United States Army Special Forces, commonly known as the Green Berets, produces some of our nation’s finest and most elite warriors. They fight across a broad spectrum of missions in the pursuit of freedom for those oppressed and to protect our nation from those who seek to do us harm. They are known as our country's quiet professionals. The Green Berets have been defending our nation against its enemies throughout the last 5 decades in times of peace and war.
The liberties we enjoy as Americans don’t come without a cost. The Special Forces bear the burden of having the highest number of wounded personnel of any other U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) proponent. The Green Beret Foundation serves these quiet professionals who bravely serve the American people and its freedoms.
In an effort to fill the gaps in support left by the boundaries of other organizations, the GBF facilitates assistance to our wounded, ill and injured Special Forces soldiers and their families. We do this by providing resources to ease the burdens of some of the financial hardships that arise in their time of need as well as improving the quality of life for the soldier and the family.

Special Message

This organization is very near and dear to my heart and I am determined to help them out in everyway that I possibly can. For that reason I have dedicated a pledge to donate $2.00 from the sale of each signed copy of "The Night Eagles Soared" sold from this site through the end of October, 2010. You'll be receiving a signed copy of my book in return and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you did your part to help our greatest soldiers in their hour of need.
Please help me, help them!

Thank you and God bless you!

S. B. Newman Author
“The Night Eagles Soared”

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Please Share!

I had the most hits ever since I started this blog on Friday, the 17th of September. People from all over the country were checking out my blog for some reason. It could be that a lot of my Face Book friends have been sharing the link, well I know that is likely the reason. I do appreciate that by the way. I would also ask that if you as a reader do happen across this blog, please feel free to forward the link to your friends. If you click on the book cover to the right, it will take you to my website also. Right now is a great time to go ahead and pull the trigger on the decision to buy your copy of "The Night Eagles Soared!" I have plenty on hand and will get it out to you in the mail as quickly as possible. Thanks! And share this link with everybody

God Bless You!

S. B. Newman Author
The Night Eagles Soared

Friday, September 17, 2010

Something Snappy

All week, I’ve been trying to think of something snappy to write about for “The Night Eagles Soared” blog and website and for some reason, I’ve had writers block. A quick check of my Face Book page and I realized that I have reconnected or connected with 252 people since I started in February. That is more than one person a day! Last night I posted a short note about how blessed I feel to have reconnected with so many folks that I’ve known over the years. One comment came in saying something about it being a Group formation. I was in the Army Special Forces for over two decades but I never realized just how many of my Army buddies have connected with me on Face Book. Wow, there are too many to truly list here and I am truly blessed.

This morning I was reading back over parts of the book and I still can’t believe sometimes that I have actually written an entire book. It is amazing to me. Not only that, I am about halfway finished with the sequel to it. I also have an idea for a prequel that will actually be a western. If we get that far along with my writing career, then Brig and I are planning to go out west, travel the Trail of Tears, the Chisholm Trail, and perhaps explore the great Southwestern part of our great nation. I’ll be writing all along the way. I think a one year tour, exploring, experiencing what the United States has to offer would be a great way to spend time!

Anyway, the official release date for "The Night Eagles Soared" is coming up real soon and I am so excited. (October 5th) It probably won’t be all fireworks, apple pie and vanilla ice cream but still, it is a moment that I will cherish forever. I plan on celebrating by attending as many events as I possibly can over the next three months. After that we will just have to see how things go. Right now I have events scheduled through the month of October and I am working on November and December. Here is my schedule as it stands at this moment. I would love to see you there!

On October 1st, I will be in Boaz, Alabama at the Harvest Festival with two of my fellow Tate Publishing Authors.

On October 2nd, I will be at the Redstone Arsenal, Alabama Post Exchange celebrating Retiree Appreciation Day and selling books.

On October, 10th, (10/10/10) my birthday, I will be in Indianapolis Indiana visiting friends and signing books. I’ll post more info on that later.

On October 16-17, I will be at the Anniston Alabama Gun and Knife Expo, at the Anniston City Meeting Center.

On October 23 -24, I will be at the Florence Alabama, Quad Cities Expo Center, particpating in the Gun and Knife Expo.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Airing my Wings!

In just a little over one month from today, The Night Eagles Soared will be officially released nation wide. What that really means is that it will be available for purchase on all the major websites such as, Barnes and, so forth and so on. What an exciting time for Brig and I! We have been living, building this dream for almost two years now and it has finally come to fruition. This doesn’t mean the hard work is over, to the contrary it has just begun.

On October 1st, I will be at the Boaz, Alabama Harvest Festival selling and signing copies of my book and then on the 2nd of October I will be at the Redstone Arsenal, Main Exchange celebrating the Retiree Appreciation Day with my fellow veterans. I will also be there selling and signing my book. There will be a press release about the event in the Redstone Rocket Newspaper starting each week starting on the 8th of September. All in all, the month of October is shaping up to be a great month, even if my birthday this year is on 10/10/10.

Last night a friend of mine who is reading the book wrote this and sent it to me via email. I’m not quite sure if I can attribute the quote directly to him or to somebody else. I just felt that this sums up the character of “The Night Eagles Soared” protagonist to a T! Enjoy

For 2+ decades I prepared myself physically, mentally and technically to do the understated work of our society. To maintain the Status Quo for those who don't quite understand that people out there would love to erase our existence from the books. But for all of those who are afraid to take a stand should know - no matter where the cause should arise, there are MEN to champion the cause. If for no other reason than to air their wings and to: "De Opresso Liber."

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What They are Saying About "The Night Eagles Soared!"

"Rubio De Gran Clase: Job well done hermanito. Thanks. I finished reading the book; keep them coming!! Congratulations. And for whoever reads this comment, more so if you are an SFer, GET THE BOOK, now, it will bring back memories for those who have been there and set a good perspective for those who will follow...."
Swany Blanco

Excellent read! A real page turner; couldn't wait to see what happened next. This book is very realistic; written by a true SF Warrior.


I finished your book last night. It was awesome except for one thing.... I need the rest of the story! When can I order the sequel?

Eddie Jewel

I just finished the book and it was a great read! It was almost like I was there Gunny LOL. Fiction, but mirroring the truth with room for a sequel - also?

I highly recommend this book! I finished it in two sittings and my 16 year old daughter can't put it down. Wants to know if Daddy did any of these things? I'll never tell LOL!!!

Kevin Crowder

Steve.....your book is a wonderful read.....once Dan puts it down I pick it up...we almost came to loggerheads the other night as we both wanted to read it at the same's so well written. We are both most impressed, well done.....we wish you every success with it. We will cherish our copy forever.

Catherine Deck

I love the book! You did an excellent job!

I have a good friend who was in El Salvador, very much on the ground in harm's way. And while his mission was declassified and partially written up in one of the Special Operation's publications, your book provides me needed input on "the rest of the story".

The lines you wrote about El Salvador being "that dirty little war that was never discussed” truly hit home with me. I especially appreciated how you describe the reality the team members faced by having to carry on once they returned home, as if they had never done anything heroic. Well, that is the missing piece of a puzzle for me. You have given many others a voice they’ve never had, even if it is a fictional voice, it is powerful.

Rose Ann Daniels

"May the ancestors guide you to the top; the place you have always been in my book!"

Swany Blanco,

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Next Book Signing Event!

On the 21 and 22 of August, 2010 I will be performing a book signing event along with my fellow Author Karina Harris at the Huntsville Hamfest. It will be located at the South Hall of the Von Braun Center, Huntsville, Alabama!

Also, I would like to tell everybody about my nephew Rick Newman who is currently stationed in Germany. He just returned from deployment to Iraq and is about ready to conduct a Permanent Change of Station back to the United States. (Hopefully!) He is in the Air Force and has been for quite sometime! I'm so proud of him because to me, he is a true American hero!

So take your hat off and shake the hand of a service member when you can!


S. B. Newman

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Book Signing Event is on Saturday, 14 August, 2010

I am proud to announce that I have scheduled my very first book signing event at the Huntsville, Alabama Veterans Memorial Museum for:
August 14th, 2010
10 am to 3 pm

Veterans Memorial Museum
2060A Airport Road
Huntsville, Al 35801
256 -883-3737

A portion of the proceeds during this event will be donated to the Museum. Book purchase includes one free admission to the museum.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Official Release Date!

I am so excited to announce that the official release date for “The Night Eagles Soared” has been set for October 5th, 2010! On the release date, “The Night Eagles Soared” can be ordered at any major bookstore or online website, it is also the time when we will start setting up bookstore signing events!

Until then, signed copies of “The Night Eagles Soared” can be ordered directly from me. Just go to the “Buy Now” button on this page and it will take you to the secure Pay Pal site. It will take two to three weeks for your book to arrive.

If you prefer to not order online you can send a check or money order made payable to S. B. Newman for the amount of $23.99; which will cover all shipping and handling costs, to include any applicable sales taxes, to this address:

“The Night Eagles Soared”
P.O. Box 10050
Huntsville, Al 35801

In addition; “The Night Eagles Soared” is now available on the Tate Publishing web site. From this site you can order a copy of “The Night Eagles Soared” and it will be shipped to you within 7-10 days. Or, if you prefer you may order an ebook. Within minutes you can be reading this book on your computer, PDA, cell phone or a stand-alone eBook reader. The big deal is that the ebook comes at a reduced cost! eBook readers that can read these files include Sony Reader, Nook, Kindle 2, iPad, and iPhone 4.
Here’s the link: Tate Publishing

Thank you very much!

S. B. Newman (Author)
“The Night Eagles Soared”

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly's

July 7th was the one year anniversary of the day I sent the original manuscript of “The Night Eagles Soared” to Tate Publishing for consideration for publication. It took almost 16 weeks of excruciating patience to find out if they were going to pick it up or not. When the word came in late October, It was the best birthday present I had ever received.

Now, one year later we are in the absolute final stages of the production process and it is not the time to lose our patience. Why you ask? Well, now is the time that we must take to ensure the very best product possible is what hits the streets when the book is finally released for nation wide distribution.

I’ve had many people ask me if the “The Night Eagles Soared” will be available in book stores on that day and I must say, that probably won’t be the case. Initially it will be available nation wide on line through all the major online outlets such as, Barnes and, Books-a-Million and of course through the Tate Publishing’s website. Until that day the only place it will be available is here on my blog and on my website where you can order a signed and numbered copy directly from the me, the Author.

S. B. Newman

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sense of Connection

I first submitted “The Night Eagles Soared” to Tate publishing for consideration on July 7th, 2009. This week, (21 June 2010) I emailed the proof correction form, and snail mailed the hard copy of the proof back to Tate. “Sigh of relief”. What a year! After that, I posted an update on Face Book and the responses I received made me realize that I had made a lot of friends over the last year. Then, for some reason the below excerpt from the “Home on Leave” chapter came to mind because these friends were as welcomed and needed as the summer rain. Thanks Brig, Elaine, Jane, Kari, Toni, Rose Ann, Ursula, and Darlene. There were so many, like drops of rain, I couldn’t possibly list them all. Thanks to you all for your friendship, advice, support and encouragement!

From: “The Night Eagles Soared-- Home on Leave"

The days merged into night as we worked together, cutting hay, harvesting wheat, and cooking our meals. We worked from sunup to sundown and then some as the weeks passed. The summer was hot, and dust hung heavily over the fields as we labored; and each day, the sun set through a layered haze extending to the horizon with a rainbow of color that masked its brilliance and produced in me a sense of connection between heaven and earth.

My heart forgot about the troubles of the world. My soul renewed at church every Sunday. Neighbors and old friends made a big deal of my presence. Their hugs embraced my soul, and their praise poured out over me. They were like a summer rain that quenches the earth’s thirst and renews the green. They saved my soul, made me feel whole again. I belonged here, and I knew it.

God bless you all!

S. B. Newman

Monday, June 21, 2010

Final Phase of Production!

Today I sent the final proof of The Night Eagles Soared back to Tate Publishing and it is now in the final phase of production. Over the next week the editors will be pouring over the Proof Corrections form that I also emailed today and making last minute adjustments before the book goes to print in about seven days.

I am expecting to have the prerelease copies by the end of July, hopefully! Keep your fingers crossed with me as things move forward. I am not exactly sure when we will start participating in marketing events such as book signings and other things like that so I will keep everybody posted.

Until the next time, thank you all very much!


S. B. Newman

Monday, May 24, 2010

Final Proof

Over the last month we have been working on the cover and layout design for The Night Eagles Soared. We are now able to say that the entire process has been completed and the Final Proof is in the mail to me at this very moment!

I received an email from Stefanie who is the layout design artist from Tate Publishing that has been working on The Night Eagles Soared all month. She wrote that she sent the Final Proof today and it will be in my hands by the end of this week!

After I have finished checking/approving the final proof I will return it to her and from there it will begin the print process. For those of you who have already purchased your copy of my book that means we will have a pretty good idea about when your copies will be available and I will send you an email to let you know for sure as soon as I have a date. To you all please allow me to express my gratitude for your confidence in me and for your patience in this entire process. It has taken a long time, and in the end it will have been worth it.

Again Thanks!

S. B. Newman (Author)
The Night Eagles Soared

Saturday, April 24, 2010

An Incredible Journey!

My book is about a Green Beret who leads the first team into Afghanistan after the attacks on 9-11. It takes you on an incredible journey from the jungles of South America to the deserts of the Middle East through, The Night Eagles Soared. By the time you finish reading my book you’ll know what it is like to be a Green Beret.

There has been a great deal of activity concerning the publication process for my book, The Night Eagles Soared. One thing that is noticeable right off the bat is that now we have a cover design that has been approved. You can see it on the right side of this page. In addition, the manuscript has been honed to a point that it is ready for the next step in the process.

So, with the manuscript ready and the cover design approved the entire project is ready to go to the layout and design department for the production of the Final Proof. I hope to have it in my hands by the end of May. Once the Final Proof is approved, then we go to print. And that is when the fun will start! So far this has been an incredible journey!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Final Draft

Well, I've done it! I've sent the final draft back to the editors at Tate Publishing so the next step is layout and design along with approving the final proof. Wow! This is really starting to go fast. I am also expecting to hear from Stefanie at Tate about her draft cover designs. I am so excited about that, it is unbelievable! We should be going to print within the next sixty days! Keep your fingers crossed!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Final Draft!

That is right, along with working on the cover design, we are now also working on the Final Draft of the manuscript for The Night Eagles Soared! This is a giant step forward in the procduction process. It won't be to much longer and we will be looking at the final proof! For the next two weeks I will be diligently going over the Final Draft to make sure there are no typos or other last minute changes that need to be made. So far it looks great!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cover Design Process Begins!

It is official; the cover design process for The Night Eagles Soared has begun! This is great news that brings us one step closer to the official release date. We still have a ways to go; the layout and design process will begin the end of April which means I should have the final proof in hand by the end of May. Once the final proof has gone through all the hoops and is approved then the book will go to the printer and we start getting ready for the nationwide release. Shortly after we start with the printer is when I will have the prerelease copies available to send out. So, if you haven’t already locked in your signed and numbered prerelease copy of The Night Eagles Soared, now is the time to do so! Once the production process is over, this offer will no longer be available. There is time now to lock in a copy with a very low sequence number. Who knows, perhaps one day your copy will be a collector’s item!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Huntsville Military Headlines Examiner

Folks, I have just started posting articles as The Military Headlines Examiner on The link to my articles is listed under "Friends of Mine" just over to your right. Please feel free to check out the articles I have written and I hope your enjoy them!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Night Eagles Soared, from the Chapter "Rape, Kill, Pillage and Burn"

“Twenty minutes!” shouted the jumpmaster as he stomped forward onto the floor of the aircraft with his right foot, knees bent. He held out both of his hands, palms opened and fingers extended and spread. Then he closed his fists, pulled his arms into his chest, and then protruded them outwardly once again with his fingers extended and spread, indicating with hand signals that which he had just moments earlier announced so authoritatively. My knees were shaking a bit; and I prayed, as I did every other time I jumped out of a perfectly good aircraft, “Father, give me the courage and strength to do that which I must. And, Father, please help us all make it without getting hurt. Amen!”

The aircrew started moving around as the jumpmaster turned to us, stomping his right foot forward and giving the hand signal. He shouted, ‘Ten minutes!”

The clamshell on the back of the aircraft began to open, and I could hear a loud roaring sound over the drone of the aircraft’s engines. Then the load master began to lower the ramp, and sunlight beamed into the rear of the plane. Over the edge of the ramp, the ground could be seen. The aircraft made a sharp, right-hand turn. The ramp floated up and down at an angle, making the earth appear as if it was spinning out and away from us. The sight made my stomach a little queasy for a moment, so I looked out and up at the sky.

The jumpmaster kneeled down, his back toward us, his rucksack splayed out in front of him. He was looking out and down for the drop zone. Soon, he stood up and turned toward us and stomped his foot, signaling with his hand as he shouted, “Three minutes.” With both of his hands, index and middle fingers extended and joined, he pointed to the skin of the aircraft and shouted, “Outboard personnel stand up,” as he motioned upward over his head with his hands and fingers. The earth continued spinning out of control behind him.

The sergeant, acting as the jumpmaster’s safety, stood, holding the yellow static line, keeping it from getting tangled. The roar of the wind rushing past the opening was deafening. It completely drowned the sound of the C-130’s powerful prop engines. The jumpmaster signaled, “One minute!” I noticed that the jump command lights in the aircraft were already green, which was a standard procedure for a jumpmaster release. It also meant that this was it; it was time, and we were going to do it.

My rucksack hung upside down in front of me, attached to the D-rings of my parachute, which were also used to connect the leg straps of the parachute harness around the buttocks and thighs. With a quick thumb press, I checked them as the Jumpmaster gave the command, “Check equipment! Sound off for equipment check!” I checked my chinstrap and the paratroop shock pad in the back of the helmet of the man in front of me. Giving a quick glance at his static line, I could see that it was not tangled; and I felt the man behind me slap my right thigh as he shouted, “All okay.” I repeated the gesture on the thigh of the man in front of me and shouted the same and listened as each of the soldiers in front of me sound off.

At that moment, the jumpmaster shouted, “Standby,” and I could feel the aircraft level off as the earth seemed to be rocking back and forth underneath our feet outside the tailgate.

I focused on the horizon and the jumpmaster as he turned toward the rear of the aircraft. He was still looking down to his right as he signaled with his thumb and index finger, ten seconds. He was making a sort of pinching motion with his thumb and finger; then suddenly, with his left arm swinging around, palm out, fingers extended and joined, he pointed to the rear of the aircraft and shouted, “Follow me!” and disappeared off the ramp.

This was my first jump, right out of jump school, a tailgate, C-130 day blast into Camp McKall to start Special Forces training. Following the jumpmaster out, the troops in front of me began to do the airborne shuffle to the edge of the ramp. I felt a nudge from the man behind me. He was as anxious as anybody. The sound of the aircraft was deafening, but I could still hear the metallic sound of the static line snap hooks running down the anchor line cable and the sound of the pack trays opening; and suddenly, I was in midair. “One thousand, two thousand,” I counted, keeping my feet and knees together, eyes closed. “Three thousand, four thousand. Come on. Open up, you son of a gun - Oh, thank God!”

Hanging there quietly, I could see the aircraft as it trailed off black exhaust into the distance. A silent breeze filled the nylon of my canopy. Drifting slowly toward the ground, heart pounding, the adrenaline rush subsided and I realized that I had several twists in my risers. I was also running with the wind, so I began to make a bicycling motion with my feet while reaching up to grab the risers above my head. I pulled them apart and made a bicycle motion with my legs. Spinning out of the twists, I gained control of the parachute. I was running with the wind, so I looked around and didn’t see any other canopies in my way. So I pulled down hard on the right toggle; and that brought me around, facing into the wind. I could feel the canopy drop a little air and then regain it.

Looking down, I could see that I was out over the middle of the triangle-shaped airfield; and I noticed the yellow smoke blowing directly toward me—a good sign. I was doing it right. As I approached the ground, I had to force myself to look at the horizon. Looking down made it seem as the though the ground was rushing up very fast. Looking out over the tops of the pine trees, I tried to keep my feet together, knees bent. Suddenly, I could hear someone yelling, “Drop your rucksack! Drop your rucksack!” I reached down, found the yellow pull tab on my lowering line, pulled it, and my rucksack fell away, downward, and then suddenly came to the end of its tether, jerking me around to the left a bit. I countered by pulling on the right toggle slightly, and I heard my ruck hit the ground.

I looked down just in time to see my feet hit the ground; and I crumbled to the earth, and the wind blew my canopy over onto the ground behind me. Still filled with air, my canopy began dragging me across the ground like a sled. I reached up to my right shoulder and pulled out the quick release snap and felt for the canopy release assembly. Finding the cable ring, I shouted, “Riser,” and pulled it as hard as I could. It made a distinct ringing sound as the riser on my right shoulder was released from the parachute harness. The canopy collapsed to the ground.
I laid there for a second, eyes closed, trying to collect my senses. One of the instructors began yelling, “Get the hell off my drop zone, Airborne.” And the C-130 swooped in, landing as it screamed past me only a hundred feet away. The roar of its engines was amplified as the sound reflected off of the tall pines that surrounded the airfield. The plane spun around, lowering its ramp, ready for another load.

My platoon was forming up. The sergeant gained accountability as we turned in our parachutes and reported back. Once we were all together, we marched back to the camp, singing slowly in a low baritone voice, keeping rhythm with our steps. The sun slowly sank behind us, below the trees, as we marched through the dust and into the shadows.
The heart of a soldier is the soul of a man. He is a knight without armor in a war-torn land. A fast gun for hire is an SF soldier. SF soldier, SF soldier, where have you been? Around the world and back again!

Our first day in the Special Forces was almost over as we marched in the darkness down the hill and into the camp. There were lights on in the large classroom; and the mercury light on the telephone pole outside the camp headquarters was already on, lighting up the gravel parking lot but blocking out visibility of anything beyond that.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Night Eagles Soared From the Chapter "Home on Leave"

We got onto the horses. Little Leo was actually bigger than I had expected, taller than his sire. He was smooth in his gate, confident in his march as we rode out into the field. He held his head high, fighting against the reins, snorting. He wanted to run, to break out; but he maintained pace with the others. He was a handful, not the type of horse a novice should ride. And although I had grown up around the rodeo, around horses, I had my hands full. It had been a long time since I had ridden; and he was aware of my uneasiness as we started out riding along in a group, following a trail along the river.

We crossed a stream, belly deep. The water came up over my feet as Little Leo leapt through it; jumping over the bank; down into the water; and leaping upward and climbing out on the other side; water draining off his sleek coat. It was exhilarating, the power of this animal, capable and surefooted as he crossed that stream with ease; and I rode upon his back, holding on, hoping I didn’t fall off.

Pop laughed at me as he made the crossing, his horse making it easy for him, taking into consideration the rider as he walked up and out without creating such a fuss. Little Leo is young, and he is a stud, so he’s more aggressive than Pop’s old gelding, I told myself. Clay crossed, his hat pulled down tight over his brow. He climbed up and out; and without hesitation, he bolted into a quick gallop and we followed.

We continued the gallop for a few minutes until we reached a gate. Leaning down, Clay released the chain and swung it open with ease. Then we all entered, leaving the gate open. We cleared over a small ridgeline, which revealed to our front a nice herd of cattle. Clay pulled up and stopped; and we sat there in a line, Pop, Clay, then me, looking out over the herd of Polled Herefords to our front.

They were fat, most with calves, as they grazed under the watchful eye of two large bulls. Their hair was short and bright red, except for the white hair on the tip of their tails, their feet, and their faces.

“Well, they are all yours, Mike,” said Pop. “We’ve been building this herd for you since you left the last time you came for a visit.”

Then Clay said, “We started with ten cows about six months after you left, and we’ve built the herd up to a little over a hundred cows over the last few years by using the money from the steers to buy more cows and by keeping the heifers that showed promise.”

I was taken off guard by their generosity and their ability to keep a secret for so long. I was completely flabbergasted by their gesture of kindness, knowing full well that I had doubted my place in the family, knowing full well that I had thought that I wouldn’t be welcome; and now here they were, showing me how much effort they had gone through to demonstrate the exact opposite of what I had imagined.

Speechless, I sat there for a moment, scanning the scene as Pop said, “This is the old place, and it is yours, the entire section along with the cows, barns, and house. We just want you to come home, son.”

This is incredible, I thought to myself as feelings of guilt swept over me, guilt for having been gone for so long, for not writing letters, for not calling. “How could I ever repay you guys for this?” I asked them. “This is just absolutely unbelievable!” I said as I sat there with my mouth open, my eyes filling with tears that I couldn’t and didn’t dare shed. I just sat there, looking the old place over—as did they—with a feeling of satisfaction, my faith in my family more than restored. I was home.

After a while, I finally commented, “You know, Pop, that I’ve got two more years before I can retire from the army?”

He nodded, smiling; and then he declared, “You just do what you’ve gotta do and then come home safe and sound. We’ll all be here waiting for you when you do.”

Then Clay slapped me on the back and said, “Come on, you big puss. Let’s take a look at the ole place and then call it a day.”

I barely kept from choking up with tears as we galloped off, Clay, and then Pop, and then me. I watched them as they rode, sitting tall in their saddle, scanning the land with their eyes, making comments, pointing out specifics to me as we checked the entire section, all six hundred and forty acres of it. We checked the fences, every post; the barns; the stables; and the cattle pens and working facility. I was surprised to see that they had modernized it with electricity and hydraulic pumps that allowed a man to work cattle day or night with ease and minimal help.

We spent the entire morning looking the old place over and talking about the good old days, grandpa and great-granddad. The decisions they had made had affected us all. They had given us all everything we needed to survive and thrive for generations. The importance of those decisions hadn’t escaped our thought process, and we all hoped to be able to have that same impact on the lives of our own families someday.

I wonder if my efforts overseas had any sort of positive impact on the lives of people there. Had it been worth it? I thought to myself as I dismounted from Little Leo and handed the reins over to Clay.

Without a word, they turned; and I watched them as they rode off over the hill and out of sight.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Back Matter and Endorsements for The Night Eagles Soared

Back Matter:

Tonight’s operation was different, and the team stood behind the behemoth plane, looking into it through the open tail section. The sound of the jet-powered generators onboard was deafening, and each man listened attentively as their company commander congratulated them upon being the first team selected for such a prestigious mission.

During the ensuing flight, the sergeant in charge of this elite team takes time to reflect on his distinguished career of military service. Serving as a member of the army’s Special Forces unit for over twenty years, Mike has done and seen things, both good and bad, that most people could never conceive. From the jungles of South America to the deserts of the Middle East, Mike’s memories take the reader on a thrilling journey through The Night Eagles Soared.


The Night Eagles Soared by Steve Newman pulls the reader into the life of the United States military’s men and women. The sacrifices, training, and dedication of these individuals are astounding. I always knew that their mission was dangerous. Reading about some of them in detail brought a face and heart into the picture. As a civilian I urge you to read this book to gain more appreciation for the price paid for our freedom and protection.

Elaine Littau, author of Nan’s Journey & Elk’s Resolve

The Night Eagles Soared by Steve Newman is a book that speaks to the military reader. Authentic descriptions of ordnance and weapons effects are an integral part of the story and keep it real. I appreciated the technical details and the nod given to Homestead Air Reserve Base's Mako Squadron. As a member of the Armed Forces, I encourage everyone to read this book, it most certainly rings true.

COL Ross “Rosco” Anderson, 482d Operations Group Commander, Homestead ARB, FL"

Steve Newman is a graduate of Columbia College. He lives in north Alabama with his wife, Brig, pursuing his passion to write about the world in which we all must live.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happening Now

It is now March, 2010 and there has been a lot happening behind the scenes at Tate Publishing to bring my book "The Night Eagles Soared" to print. Throughout the month of January the Copy Editing Department had been working diligently to make sure the entire manuscript was up to an exacting grammatical standard. They went through my work with a fine tooth comb to make sure the book was ready for the Conceptual Editing phase.

My Conceptual Editor notified me on Friday, the 26th of February that he had completed his First Edit and it was time for me to review and approve all the edits that have taken place. This is also the time for me to update or make any changes to the manuscript that I feel I need to make.

Thanks to my friends at the 482nd Fighter Wing, I have some minor details to change reference the ordnance of the aircraft and the tactics of the Pilots. My final cut on the manuscript will be completed and back to Tate Publishing on or before the 15th of March. Soon after that we should have the final proof ready for my review. What that means to all of those who have purchased a prerelease copy is that the book will be available perhaps as early as May or June. Firm dates have not been set yet, but as soon as they are I will let you know via email.

Just to let you know, I have completed the first 1/3rd of the sequel to The Night Eagles Soared; titled "Burnt Yellow and Red". It continues the story as the Team executes its mission and begins to root the Taliban on it’s way to Kabul. This story; like the first, is told from the perspective of the man with his boots on the ground and although both are historical fiction novels they ring true to the operators who live the life and fight the good fight still.

In other news; recently I have been blessed and pleasantly surprised to land a contract with a group of investors who have decided to make a movie out of a book titled, "El Navegante" or "The Navigator." It was written and published in the Spanish language by a Colombian Author named, Jorge Enrique Velázquez in 1993. My charge is to translate and convert his work into a screenplay based on his original and true story of how he infiltrated the Cali and Medellín Cartels and turned over two of the most notorious drug dealers in the world. This is a huge opportunity for me and one that I appreciate very much.

Please let me take this time to say thanks to all of you who have and continue to support my writing and the Task Force Dagger Foundation. Without you all, I couldn’t do any of this and for your help I will be forever grateful.

S. B. Newman
The Night Eagles Soared