Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Top Ten Finalist!

Well, looks like I"ll need to add "Award Winning Screen Writer" to my resume.  I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself so I'll just through it out there.  My screenplay, "One More Christmas" has been selected as a Top Ten Finalist at the GI Film Festival, 2015!  My wife and I will be traveling to Washington D.C. for the festival and celebration.  

The reality of this hasn't really sunk in and I have a feeling this is a big deal, but I don't want to get to overly excited.... Oh hell, who am I kidding!  We are in the Top Ten!  

Thanks everybody!  


Sunday, April 5, 2015

"Seven Six Five"

Now available for review on and The Black List, "Seven Six Five" is a true story about a team of Green Berets in combat.  


A battle-tested team of Green Berets and their Afghan National Army brothers fight to the last bullet against a hardened Taliban force. A true story with rights as revealed on CBS News 60 Minutes.


In June of 2006, Captain Sheffield F. Ford III led his unit into a contested region southwest of Kandahar. They entered a Spartan Afghan village of mud huts where a Taliban force of unknown strength was hiding.  The Taliban had one thought on their minds: to kill or capture Americans and the Afghan soldiers with them.

As darkness fell, all hell broke loose from all directions enemy rifle, machine gun, and rocket-propelled grenade fire landed and exploded.   The adversaries fought so close to one another the Taliban called out to the Afghan soldiers, "We can forgive you; just put your weapons down and walk away. We want the Americans alive." The Afghan soldiers alongside the Americans responded to the Taliban’s offer with well-aimed shots and an unbreakable defense. 

That’s when forty-seven-year-old Sergeant First Class, Brendan O’Connor, the team’s senior medic, disregarded three enemy machine-gun positions, removed his body armor, dropped to his stomach and began an arduous 200-foot crawl under constant enemy fire to where Staff Sergeant Matthew Binney and Sergeant Joseph Fuerst lay wounded.  Sergeant O’Connor singlehandedly moved the two soldiers to safety, but not before Master Sergeant, Thom Maholic, the Team Sergeant, was mortally wounded.

During the two day battle, the team defeated a multitude of determined enemy attacks; Captain Sheffield F. Ford III devised an astonishing plan and led the team and their Afghan brothers to safety using an AC-130 gunship to illuminate their route with an infrared spotlight, allowing the friendly element to slip away under cover of darkness.

For his actions Sergeant O'Connor was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and Captain Ford received a Silver Star.  In addition, four other men on the team were also awarded Silver Star medals, Sergeant Joseph Fuerst and Sergeant Thom Maholic received the Silver Star posthumously.

This is a true story as revealed by CBS News 60 Minutes.