Friday, October 17, 2014

"Burnt Yellow and Red"

To Brig, my wife!
You are the light of my life, my muse,
my Goddess of Dreams!

To my wonderful children:
I hope that all of your dreams come true.
Know that I love you—always!

To all the men and women who have given 
the ultimate measure of sacrifice in the defense of freedom.
In defense of our great nation!
You are more than just a number,
More than just a name etched in stone.

Burnt Yellow and Red is more than a terrific story of the unsung heroes of the Global War on Terror – the warriors of the United States Special Operations Forces.  It tells the story of the heart of these warriors, something that few people outside the brothers on their team ever get to know. While these truly Special warriors are “larger than life”, they also have a love and caring for their families and each other that only those who have gone into battle can ever achieve.  Steve Newman has captured this love and the heart and spirit of these warriors in Burnt Yellow and Red – it is a MUST read for ALL Americans!
Jeff Falkel Gold Star Father, Author  of “The Making of OurWarrior"