Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Burnt Yellow and Red"

Inspired by true events, this is a modern war story of men, true patriots all, thrust into an ancient and destructive world ruled by warlords. Mission: Take down the Taliban and capture Kabul.

Kyle knew he had been hurt badly as they laid him down gently in a patch of green grass that had been grazed to the nub by sheep.  There was a tree with no leaves nearby and he could hear water trickling through the aqueduct that ran the length of the wadi, down to a watering hole he had passed earlier that morning. 

His body was numb and he could still smell the dust and smoke from the barrage but he couldn’t feel a thing as he drifted off to sleep.  To Kyle the world wrapped itself in a prism of brilliant colors, burnt yellow and red as he slipped into a deep, comfortable sleep, feeling no pain, feeling no fear.  Completely unaware of reality he dreamed vividly and found himself watching as his life passed before his very eyes.
 Burnt Yellow and Red is the second book in a series of exposes on modern war as experienced and seen through the eyes of a Special Forces Warrior.  Author, S. B. (Steve) Newman pulls the reader quietly into the world of the elite warrior using a passionate yet subtle tone to engage the imagination.  From, Norman, Oklahoma, Steve is a graduate of Columbia College and after having served for over 20 years as a Green Beret, he now lives in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife Brig as he continues his freelance writing career. 

Steve’s first novel, “The Night Eagles Soared” was released by Tate Publishing on October, 5th, 2010 and is available everywhere books are sold online.

Now accepting advance orders for signed and numbered pre-release copies of "Burnt Yellow and Red" to be delivered as soon as they are available later this spring.

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