Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What They are Saying About "The Night Eagles Soared!"

"Rubio De Gran Clase: Job well done hermanito. Thanks. I finished reading the book; keep them coming!! Congratulations. And for whoever reads this comment, more so if you are an SFer, GET THE BOOK, now, it will bring back memories for those who have been there and set a good perspective for those who will follow...."
Swany Blanco

Excellent read! A real page turner; couldn't wait to see what happened next. This book is very realistic; written by a true SF Warrior.


I finished your book last night. It was awesome except for one thing.... I need the rest of the story! When can I order the sequel?

Eddie Jewel

I just finished the book and it was a great read! It was almost like I was there Gunny LOL. Fiction, but mirroring the truth with room for a sequel - also?

I highly recommend this book! I finished it in two sittings and my 16 year old daughter can't put it down. Wants to know if Daddy did any of these things? I'll never tell LOL!!!

Kevin Crowder

Steve.....your book is a wonderful read.....once Dan puts it down I pick it up...we almost came to loggerheads the other night as we both wanted to read it at the same's so well written. We are both most impressed, well done.....we wish you every success with it. We will cherish our copy forever.

Catherine Deck

I love the book! You did an excellent job!

I have a good friend who was in El Salvador, very much on the ground in harm's way. And while his mission was declassified and partially written up in one of the Special Operation's publications, your book provides me needed input on "the rest of the story".

The lines you wrote about El Salvador being "that dirty little war that was never discussed” truly hit home with me. I especially appreciated how you describe the reality the team members faced by having to carry on once they returned home, as if they had never done anything heroic. Well, that is the missing piece of a puzzle for me. You have given many others a voice they’ve never had, even if it is a fictional voice, it is powerful.

Rose Ann Daniels

"May the ancestors guide you to the top; the place you have always been in my book!"

Swany Blanco,

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Next Book Signing Event!

On the 21 and 22 of August, 2010 I will be performing a book signing event along with my fellow Author Karina Harris at the Huntsville Hamfest. It will be located at the South Hall of the Von Braun Center, Huntsville, Alabama!

Also, I would like to tell everybody about my nephew Rick Newman who is currently stationed in Germany. He just returned from deployment to Iraq and is about ready to conduct a Permanent Change of Station back to the United States. (Hopefully!) He is in the Air Force and has been for quite sometime! I'm so proud of him because to me, he is a true American hero!

So take your hat off and shake the hand of a service member when you can!


S. B. Newman