Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Official Release Special Offer

Buy Now and I will also donate $2.00 to the Green Beret Foundation!

During this special offer I have reduced the price of my book from $18.99 to $16.99 as we celebrate the official release of "The Night Eagles Soared" throughout the month of October!

Not only am I reducing the price but I am also pledging a $2.00 donation for every copy of "The Night Eagles Soared" sold from this site to the Green Beret Foundation.

What is the Green Beret Foundation you ask?

The United States Army Special Forces, commonly known as the Green Berets, produces some of our nation’s finest and most elite warriors. They fight across a broad spectrum of missions in the pursuit of freedom for those oppressed and to protect our nation from those who seek to do us harm. They are known as our country's quiet professionals. The Green Berets have been defending our nation against its enemies throughout the last 5 decades in times of peace and war.
The liberties we enjoy as Americans don’t come without a cost. The Special Forces bear the burden of having the highest number of wounded personnel of any other U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) proponent. The Green Beret Foundation serves these quiet professionals who bravely serve the American people and its freedoms.
In an effort to fill the gaps in support left by the boundaries of other organizations, the GBF facilitates assistance to our wounded, ill and injured Special Forces soldiers and their families. We do this by providing resources to ease the burdens of some of the financial hardships that arise in their time of need as well as improving the quality of life for the soldier and the family.

Special Message

This organization is very near and dear to my heart and I am determined to help them out in everyway that I possibly can. For that reason I have dedicated a pledge to donate $2.00 from the sale of each signed copy of "The Night Eagles Soared" sold from this site through the end of October, 2010. You'll be receiving a signed copy of my book in return and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you did your part to help our greatest soldiers in their hour of need.
Please help me, help them!

Thank you and God bless you!

S. B. Newman Author
“The Night Eagles Soared”

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Please Share!

I had the most hits ever since I started this blog on Friday, the 17th of September. People from all over the country were checking out my blog for some reason. It could be that a lot of my Face Book friends have been sharing the link, well I know that is likely the reason. I do appreciate that by the way. I would also ask that if you as a reader do happen across this blog, please feel free to forward the link to your friends. If you click on the book cover to the right, it will take you to my website also. Right now is a great time to go ahead and pull the trigger on the decision to buy your copy of "The Night Eagles Soared!" I have plenty on hand and will get it out to you in the mail as quickly as possible. Thanks! And share this link with everybody

God Bless You!

S. B. Newman Author
The Night Eagles Soared

Friday, September 17, 2010

Something Snappy

All week, I’ve been trying to think of something snappy to write about for “The Night Eagles Soared” blog and website and for some reason, I’ve had writers block. A quick check of my Face Book page and I realized that I have reconnected or connected with 252 people since I started in February. That is more than one person a day! Last night I posted a short note about how blessed I feel to have reconnected with so many folks that I’ve known over the years. One comment came in saying something about it being a Group formation. I was in the Army Special Forces for over two decades but I never realized just how many of my Army buddies have connected with me on Face Book. Wow, there are too many to truly list here and I am truly blessed.

This morning I was reading back over parts of the book and I still can’t believe sometimes that I have actually written an entire book. It is amazing to me. Not only that, I am about halfway finished with the sequel to it. I also have an idea for a prequel that will actually be a western. If we get that far along with my writing career, then Brig and I are planning to go out west, travel the Trail of Tears, the Chisholm Trail, and perhaps explore the great Southwestern part of our great nation. I’ll be writing all along the way. I think a one year tour, exploring, experiencing what the United States has to offer would be a great way to spend time!

Anyway, the official release date for "The Night Eagles Soared" is coming up real soon and I am so excited. (October 5th) It probably won’t be all fireworks, apple pie and vanilla ice cream but still, it is a moment that I will cherish forever. I plan on celebrating by attending as many events as I possibly can over the next three months. After that we will just have to see how things go. Right now I have events scheduled through the month of October and I am working on November and December. Here is my schedule as it stands at this moment. I would love to see you there!

On October 1st, I will be in Boaz, Alabama at the Harvest Festival with two of my fellow Tate Publishing Authors.

On October 2nd, I will be at the Redstone Arsenal, Alabama Post Exchange celebrating Retiree Appreciation Day and selling books.

On October, 10th, (10/10/10) my birthday, I will be in Indianapolis Indiana visiting friends and signing books. I’ll post more info on that later.

On October 16-17, I will be at the Anniston Alabama Gun and Knife Expo, at the Anniston City Meeting Center.

On October 23 -24, I will be at the Florence Alabama, Quad Cities Expo Center, particpating in the Gun and Knife Expo.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Airing my Wings!

In just a little over one month from today, The Night Eagles Soared will be officially released nation wide. What that really means is that it will be available for purchase on all the major websites such as Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, Books-a-Million.com so forth and so on. What an exciting time for Brig and I! We have been living, building this dream for almost two years now and it has finally come to fruition. This doesn’t mean the hard work is over, to the contrary it has just begun.

On October 1st, I will be at the Boaz, Alabama Harvest Festival selling and signing copies of my book and then on the 2nd of October I will be at the Redstone Arsenal, Main Exchange celebrating the Retiree Appreciation Day with my fellow veterans. I will also be there selling and signing my book. There will be a press release about the event in the Redstone Rocket Newspaper starting each week starting on the 8th of September. All in all, the month of October is shaping up to be a great month, even if my birthday this year is on 10/10/10.

Last night a friend of mine who is reading the book wrote this and sent it to me via email. I’m not quite sure if I can attribute the quote directly to him or to somebody else. I just felt that this sums up the character of “The Night Eagles Soared” protagonist to a T! Enjoy

For 2+ decades I prepared myself physically, mentally and technically to do the understated work of our society. To maintain the Status Quo for those who don't quite understand that people out there would love to erase our existence from the books. But for all of those who are afraid to take a stand should know - no matter where the cause should arise, there are MEN to champion the cause. If for no other reason than to air their wings and to: "De Opresso Liber."