Friday, September 17, 2010

Something Snappy

All week, I’ve been trying to think of something snappy to write about for “The Night Eagles Soared” blog and website and for some reason, I’ve had writers block. A quick check of my Face Book page and I realized that I have reconnected or connected with 252 people since I started in February. That is more than one person a day! Last night I posted a short note about how blessed I feel to have reconnected with so many folks that I’ve known over the years. One comment came in saying something about it being a Group formation. I was in the Army Special Forces for over two decades but I never realized just how many of my Army buddies have connected with me on Face Book. Wow, there are too many to truly list here and I am truly blessed.

This morning I was reading back over parts of the book and I still can’t believe sometimes that I have actually written an entire book. It is amazing to me. Not only that, I am about halfway finished with the sequel to it. I also have an idea for a prequel that will actually be a western. If we get that far along with my writing career, then Brig and I are planning to go out west, travel the Trail of Tears, the Chisholm Trail, and perhaps explore the great Southwestern part of our great nation. I’ll be writing all along the way. I think a one year tour, exploring, experiencing what the United States has to offer would be a great way to spend time!

Anyway, the official release date for "The Night Eagles Soared" is coming up real soon and I am so excited. (October 5th) It probably won’t be all fireworks, apple pie and vanilla ice cream but still, it is a moment that I will cherish forever. I plan on celebrating by attending as many events as I possibly can over the next three months. After that we will just have to see how things go. Right now I have events scheduled through the month of October and I am working on November and December. Here is my schedule as it stands at this moment. I would love to see you there!

On October 1st, I will be in Boaz, Alabama at the Harvest Festival with two of my fellow Tate Publishing Authors.

On October 2nd, I will be at the Redstone Arsenal, Alabama Post Exchange celebrating Retiree Appreciation Day and selling books.

On October, 10th, (10/10/10) my birthday, I will be in Indianapolis Indiana visiting friends and signing books. I’ll post more info on that later.

On October 16-17, I will be at the Anniston Alabama Gun and Knife Expo, at the Anniston City Meeting Center.

On October 23 -24, I will be at the Florence Alabama, Quad Cities Expo Center, particpating in the Gun and Knife Expo.

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