Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sense of Connection

I first submitted “The Night Eagles Soared” to Tate publishing for consideration on July 7th, 2009. This week, (21 June 2010) I emailed the proof correction form, and snail mailed the hard copy of the proof back to Tate. “Sigh of relief”. What a year! After that, I posted an update on Face Book and the responses I received made me realize that I had made a lot of friends over the last year. Then, for some reason the below excerpt from the “Home on Leave” chapter came to mind because these friends were as welcomed and needed as the summer rain. Thanks Brig, Elaine, Jane, Kari, Toni, Rose Ann, Ursula, and Darlene. There were so many, like drops of rain, I couldn’t possibly list them all. Thanks to you all for your friendship, advice, support and encouragement!

From: “The Night Eagles Soared-- Home on Leave"

The days merged into night as we worked together, cutting hay, harvesting wheat, and cooking our meals. We worked from sunup to sundown and then some as the weeks passed. The summer was hot, and dust hung heavily over the fields as we labored; and each day, the sun set through a layered haze extending to the horizon with a rainbow of color that masked its brilliance and produced in me a sense of connection between heaven and earth.

My heart forgot about the troubles of the world. My soul renewed at church every Sunday. Neighbors and old friends made a big deal of my presence. Their hugs embraced my soul, and their praise poured out over me. They were like a summer rain that quenches the earth’s thirst and renews the green. They saved my soul, made me feel whole again. I belonged here, and I knew it.

God bless you all!

S. B. Newman

Monday, June 21, 2010

Final Phase of Production!

Today I sent the final proof of The Night Eagles Soared back to Tate Publishing and it is now in the final phase of production. Over the next week the editors will be pouring over the Proof Corrections form that I also emailed today and making last minute adjustments before the book goes to print in about seven days.

I am expecting to have the prerelease copies by the end of July, hopefully! Keep your fingers crossed with me as things move forward. I am not exactly sure when we will start participating in marketing events such as book signings and other things like that so I will keep everybody posted.

Until the next time, thank you all very much!


S. B. Newman