Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Burnt Yellow and Red" Back Cover

His body was numb, and he could still smell the dust and smoke from the barrage. The world wrapped itself in a prism of brilliant colors, burnt yellow and red, as Kyle slipped into a deep, comfortable sleep—feeling no pain, feeling no fear. 

Inspired by actual events, Burnt Yellow and Red is a modern war story of men, true patriots all, thrust into an ancient and destructive world ruled by warlords. USAF SMSgt Kyle Black is part of a vital mission into Afghanistan, their unit playing a pivotal role in establishing US efforts after 9/11. Kyle and the team serve as a snapshot of the US military while allowing readers to see these soldiers as more than cogs in a military machine.

 “…shows Special Forces soldiers and Special Operations airmen for who they really are: the guys who grew up next door and went on to become something extraordinary.” 
—CWO3 Tom Merrill, Special Forces (Retired) 

 “Steve Newman has captured…the heart and spirit of these warriors—it is a must read for all Americans!” 
—Jeff Falkel, Gold Star Father and author of The Making of our Warrior 

 “No frills, no fuss—just the ‘real thing.’” 
—Joyce Godwin Grubbs, author 

S. B. Newman is an author borne out of the US Army Special Forces. He retired from the US Army in 2003 after having served for over twenty years as a Green Beret. The Norman, OK, native is a graduate of Columbia College and currently resides with his wife Brig in Charleston, SC, where he continues writing about life as a soldier. Newman’s first novel, “The Night Eagles Soared” was released by Tate Publishing in October 2010 and is available everywhere books are sold online.

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  1. If there are magic words to say to make people read this, I would say them. It is a great book, by a great author, and it's not just "guts and glory" but "heart and soul".
    Joyce Godwin Grubbs, Author

  2. I'll check it out, thanks for writing it! : )

    1. Fantastic! Oh, the only place to order in advance is from this site! The book is still in the production process but if you order now, I will send you a signed and numbered copy as soon as the book is available later this spring, before the official release date! Thanks!

  3. Really? That's awesome, thanks! I'll do so as soon as my paycheck comes and I have my annual book binge fund ready ; )