Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happening Now

It is now March, 2010 and there has been a lot happening behind the scenes at Tate Publishing to bring my book "The Night Eagles Soared" to print. Throughout the month of January the Copy Editing Department had been working diligently to make sure the entire manuscript was up to an exacting grammatical standard. They went through my work with a fine tooth comb to make sure the book was ready for the Conceptual Editing phase.

My Conceptual Editor notified me on Friday, the 26th of February that he had completed his First Edit and it was time for me to review and approve all the edits that have taken place. This is also the time for me to update or make any changes to the manuscript that I feel I need to make.

Thanks to my friends at the 482nd Fighter Wing, I have some minor details to change reference the ordnance of the aircraft and the tactics of the Pilots. My final cut on the manuscript will be completed and back to Tate Publishing on or before the 15th of March. Soon after that we should have the final proof ready for my review. What that means to all of those who have purchased a prerelease copy is that the book will be available perhaps as early as May or June. Firm dates have not been set yet, but as soon as they are I will let you know via email.

Just to let you know, I have completed the first 1/3rd of the sequel to The Night Eagles Soared; titled "Burnt Yellow and Red". It continues the story as the Team executes its mission and begins to root the Taliban on it’s way to Kabul. This story; like the first, is told from the perspective of the man with his boots on the ground and although both are historical fiction novels they ring true to the operators who live the life and fight the good fight still.

In other news; recently I have been blessed and pleasantly surprised to land a contract with a group of investors who have decided to make a movie out of a book titled, "El Navegante" or "The Navigator." It was written and published in the Spanish language by a Colombian Author named, Jorge Enrique Velázquez in 1993. My charge is to translate and convert his work into a screenplay based on his original and true story of how he infiltrated the Cali and Medellín Cartels and turned over two of the most notorious drug dealers in the world. This is a huge opportunity for me and one that I appreciate very much.

Please let me take this time to say thanks to all of you who have and continue to support my writing and the Task Force Dagger Foundation. Without you all, I couldn’t do any of this and for your help I will be forever grateful.

S. B. Newman
The Night Eagles Soared

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