Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cover Design Process Begins!

It is official; the cover design process for The Night Eagles Soared has begun! This is great news that brings us one step closer to the official release date. We still have a ways to go; the layout and design process will begin the end of April which means I should have the final proof in hand by the end of May. Once the final proof has gone through all the hoops and is approved then the book will go to the printer and we start getting ready for the nationwide release. Shortly after we start with the printer is when I will have the prerelease copies available to send out. So, if you haven’t already locked in your signed and numbered prerelease copy of The Night Eagles Soared, now is the time to do so! Once the production process is over, this offer will no longer be available. There is time now to lock in a copy with a very low sequence number. Who knows, perhaps one day your copy will be a collector’s item!

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