Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Soldiers' Angles"

Recently, I experienced one of the most incredible opportunities of my life while speaking at the National Warfighter Symposium down in Fort Benning Georgia. I met Shelle Micheals of Soldiers’ Angles; a non profit organization that is doing some truly amazing things for our troops. Their motto is:

May No Soldier Go Unloved

May No Soldier Walk Alone

May No Soldier Be Forgotten

Until They All Come Home!

Founded in March of 2003 by Patti Patton-Bader they are working everyday to achieve the stated goals of their motto! Yes, I think Patti is a direct descendent of General Patton, isn’t that something? Sorry, I got a little off track, and for most of you who really know me, that isn’t unusual, oh there I go again. Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment here and write about that day and tell you about the Soldiers’ Angel project and invite all of you over to their Facebook Page to learn more about the organization and the incredible work they are doing!

Oh, and if you would like to donate to them here is the information on how to do just that!

Call them at: 218-779-7271

Or send a letter with a check or money order to:
Donate: Soldiers' Angels
4408 N PanAm Exprwy
San Antonio, TX 78218

Or you can do it through your cell by sending a quick text to: TEXT: SOLDIERS to 20222

S. B. (Steve) Newman, Author
The Night Eagles Soared

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