Monday, November 29, 2010

A Few Thoughts About the Book

My book, titled “The Night Eagles Soared” has been a work in progress for many years. My mother, God rest and bless her soul, was an English teacher and writer. It was her love of language that inspired me to become an Author.

Throughout my entire adult life, I served our great nation as a member of the United States Army Special Forces. It was while serving on active duty, in 2002, in Afghanistan that I came up with the idea to write a fictional story based upon my own life experiences and although this is a fictional work, the story itself is based on true events.

I got started on it in February 09, when my wife convinced me to stop working in order to focus on writing the book I had been talking about for so long. She was very persistent and so I agreed. The journey to completing the manuscript was very difficult. I learned that being creative is not something that I could switch on and off. It was something that required inspiration and I struggled through the entire process. In fact I was only able to complete about sixty percent of the manuscript before we moved in late May 09 to South Florida to pursue an important career opportunity for her.

Prior to our move, I had almost given up on the project, and started working on a business plan instead. Shortly after our arrival to South Florida, I finished writing the business plan, and a small prayer to go with it. I printed it out, along with the plan and all its supporting documents and put it into a package for my banker with whom I had an appointment the next day. That morning I got up, dressed, picked up the plan and drove to the bank. Sitting in the parking lot, I read over the plan and came to the prayer. I read it out load to myself and it was at that moment an incredible feeling came over me. Somehow I knew that what I was doing wasn’t what God wanted me to do. So I drove home and started writing, in just a few short weeks, I finished the book and sent it to Tate Publishing for review. This is the prayer that I wrote:

Father, I thank you that you are fighting our battles for us. I thank you that you’re going to show us some of that immeasurable, far and beyond favor! God, I know that you are in control, and even though this looks impossible, I know today could be the day that things turn around. Today could be the day you restore my faith in myself, today could be the day that you help me to get my business off the ground, this could be the day that I see a miracle! Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. Father I thank you that your favor is coming in a new way. Your favor is opening doors that men say are impossible to open. I thank you that your favor will cause me to receive what I need in order to enhance the lives of all those around me and for those whom I have yet to meet. Thank you for helping me create a business that will change the lives of not only my family but the lives of many others. Thank you for your favor lord! Amen

My work has been classified as Fiction, War, Military, Action - Adventure and it is available for order everywhere books ares sold! There are some religious and other philosophical sub categories that the book may fit into, especially when you consider the prayers, and the irony of Christians going into a predominately Muslim nation to rescue its people from an Islamic Caliphate or dictatorship.

So far we have recieved major endorsments from Professional, The Green Beret Foundation and "The Special Forces Book"

The motto of the Special Forces is “De Oppresso Liber” which means “Freedom for the Oppressed.” We often would say that we were on a mission from God!

S. B. (Steve) Newman, Author
The Night Eagles Soared

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