Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly's

July 7th was the one year anniversary of the day I sent the original manuscript of “The Night Eagles Soared” to Tate Publishing for consideration for publication. It took almost 16 weeks of excruciating patience to find out if they were going to pick it up or not. When the word came in late October, It was the best birthday present I had ever received.

Now, one year later we are in the absolute final stages of the production process and it is not the time to lose our patience. Why you ask? Well, now is the time that we must take to ensure the very best product possible is what hits the streets when the book is finally released for nation wide distribution.

I’ve had many people ask me if the “The Night Eagles Soared” will be available in book stores on that day and I must say, that probably won’t be the case. Initially it will be available nation wide on line through all the major online outlets such as, Barnes and, Books-a-Million and of course through the Tate Publishing’s website. Until that day the only place it will be available is here on my blog and on my website where you can order a signed and numbered copy directly from the me, the Author.

S. B. Newman

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