Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tour Update!

After touring the country over the last fourteen months, sixty weeks, fifty-seven events, in seventeen states across the Southeast and Midwest, I have decided to go to ground in San Antonio, Texas.  I have made this decision so that I may gain the time needed to finish the work I have already started on “Charlie and Mike."  That is why I have decided to take the time over the next three months to get the research and manuscript completed.  Once the book is released, we will pick the tour back up and continue to travel and meet with readers. 

This last year has been an adventure, at times arduous and exciting!  We have met thousands of great veterans, people we should all be proud of.  It was for these veterans that I came up with the concept for the novel and it is for them that I will bring it to fruition.  That takes time, and by making this decision I am setting the time aside from the tour so that I may accomplish this goal. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider the KickStarter Project.  The decision to go to San Antonio versus continuing the tour onward toward California is something I see as a requirement.  We will go to the west coast, but now it will be with three novels versus two.  And don’t forget the screenplay!  We are very excited about its prospects! 

Be blessed. 

Steve Newman, Author

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