Thursday, September 5, 2013

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Dear Friends,

For the last year I've been touring with my novels, “The Night Eagles Soared” and “Burnt Yellow and Red.” I have visited over 40 military installations since this time last year and I have met hundreds if not thousands of other veterans. I've learned that we all have a story to tell and that is what motivates me to continue writing about life as a soldier. Recently, I announced my next novel as a Kick Starter project, allowing me to give readers and enthusiasts for my work an opportunity to pledge support. This is a great way to not only sign up to receive any number of rewards but also a way to support the creative process.

My next novel so far titled; "Charlie and Mike," is a modern war story about an Air Force Sergeant and her working dog. Together, they are the best there is and therefore, selected to join a team of Green Berets in the hunt for a Taliban bomb maker from hell. Charlie has to deal with not only being a woman in a man's world, but also with the difficulty of leaving her children and husband behind to go to war. The story takes the audience on a journey into the heart and soul of our military and the adversity they face every day on the battlefield. Often the decisions we make can have lasting effects on those we love and care about the most. What we learn is that sometimes the decisions we make, make us, and Charlie must make decisions under circumstances only a few could ever imagine.

When it comes to the tour, it will continue.  We will visit practically every military base in the country over the next two years.  For a list of the sites we've already visited and will visit in 2013, please go to the link for my blog.  The schedule is strong and it will stay strong through 2015.  Pledges made for this project will be strictly managed to ensure success.  We will publish this novel and the tour will go on!

Again, thank you for taking the time to consider my Kick Starter project.  Be blessed. 

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  1. A wonderful side effect of your book tour is that it is a morale booster for the soldiers who meet you. Having been privy to being with you at the Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois, and seeing how the soldiers liked having their pictures made with you, being able to "swap stories and experiences" in common, and them knowing you are telling "their" stories and helping people "know" the humanity of the soldier was a privilege. It was also a blessing. Keep lifting them up Steve. They need to know they are not taken for granted and you are telling their hardships and sacrifices in a way that does them and the military at large proud.