Saturday, September 14, 2013

Charlie and Mike

I've heard it said that adversity is the mother of all creativity. After I retired from the Army in 2003, I went through several major events that forced me to take inventory of my life. I still had the incredible memories and a sense of pride from my military days. I still had my imagination. And, I still had a computer! The natural progression was to start writing./>
Having been an Operations Sergeant, the first thing I did was to write a mission statement. My mission is: Using solely my imagination, I will create a legacy of pride and hope for those I love and care about the most for generations to come. Five years later, I've written two Historical Fiction Novels about the Green Berets and several screenplays.

During the production process on my second novel, I discovered the screen writing process actually helped me produce better stories. The format of a screen play also gives me a fantastic outline for the creation of my novels. Since January 2013, I've been working on a screenplay titled "Charlie and Mike." I have pitched ideas to my audience during the multitude of book signing events at military installations and other venues I've held across the country this year.

The final draft of the screenplay is almost complete and I've decided to convert it into a novel as I continue the tour. The tentative release date for the novel is now set for the fall of 2014 and the tour will continue through December 2015. The mission has not changed over the years, but my intent has. My intent is: To learn and grow as a writer, so I may continue to bring stories about the men and women of the Armed Forces to print and screen. My goal is to write the next best selling novel and Oscar Winning screenplay about our men and women in the military.

"Charlie and Mike" is a modern war story about an Air Force Sergeant and her working dog. Together, they are the best there is and therefore, selected to join a team of Green Berets in their hunt for a Taliban bomb maker from hell. Charlie has to deal with not only being a woman in a man's world, but also with the difficulty of leaving her children and husband behind to go to war. The story takes the audience on a journey into the heart and soul of our military and the adversity they face every day on the battlefield. Often the decisions we make can have lasting effects on those we love and care about the most. What we learn is that sometimes the decisions we make, make us, and Charlie must make decisions under circumstances only a few could ever imagine.

Support for this project at the projected goal will be used for: Copy and Conceptual Editing, Layout and Cover Design, Marketing and Publicity, Printing.

Support provided above the project goal will go towards the task of promoting and selling the book as the Book Signing Tour continues from today through the official release date, plus one year. The tour is currently set to continue through December 2015. The most generous sponsors will have their name or logo prominently displayed on my travel equipment and my events display everywhere I go as stated in the rewards section.

Thank you!

S. B.Newman,
Military Novelist/Screen Writer

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