Monday, May 23, 2011

The Taks Force Dagger Ozark Fishing Adventure

Task Force Dagger Ozark Fishing Adventure

This weekend my wife and I traveled to the Twin Lakes area of Northern Arkansas for the Task Force Dagger Ozark Fishing Adventure. The event was staged out of Bull Shoals Arkansas; which is an incredible community of patriotic citizens who went all out to make sure the participants enjoyed their visit. The entire trip was an extraordinary experience for both my wife and I; and so my hat goes off to the Task Force Dagger personnel that made it so enjoyable and worthwhile.

Jimbo Blakeslee and his wife Deb were the driving force behind the logistical organization for the event. They kept the ball rolling with military precision as the participants were given the opportunity to fish for Trout in the White River, visit the National Fish Hatchery below the Norfolk Lake Damn, attend a spaghetti dinner with the entire community of Pontiac Missouri, Fish Bull Shoals Lake several times and then attend an incredible benefit dinner at the Bull Shoals VFW post. The fishing was great, the chow was phenomenal and the local community went all out to show their support for our warriors.

The event revolved around providing Our Warriors with an opportunity to go fishing but the overall effort of the Task Force Dagger Foundation is to provide Our Wounded Warriors an opportunity to discover their new capabilities as they make the transition to becoming a civilian. The “Recreational Therapy” is instrumental in providing our soldiers an opportunity to reconcile their warrior spirit with the reality of civilian life. It is no small task and I salute the efforts of the foundation and encourage my readers to join me in supporting the Task Force Dagger Foundation as we move forward into the summer and fall.

God Bless them all!

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  1. I also spoke at the Bull Shoals VFW Benifit Dinner on Saturday night. The next article below is an excerpt from that speach. I also cracked a few jokes and read the Special Forces Prayer from the book. For me, being there, speaking was a blessing I will never forget! Thanks everybody!