Monday, May 16, 2011

Almost Famous!

Life as an almost famous author has really gotten exciting! Last week, I set out for the great state of Oklahoma to attend the first annual Northern Oklahoma Literary Arts and Book Festival and it was fantastic. On my way there, I stopped in Oklahoma City for an excellent visit with my marketing representative and then I attended a Screen Writers Workshop hosted by Ken Farmer and Buck Steinke. It was an exciting, entertaining, and educational weekend in which I met a variety of fellow authors, and fantastic people.

Ken Farmer and Buck Steinke gave an all day seminar on screen writing that was not only colorful but also very informative. Ken and Buck’s combined knowledge of how to make a movie from all perspectives gave the attendees an invaluable insight into the industry. To write a screen play it isn’t necessary to know everything about how movies are made but it is good to have an understanding of what takes place behind the screen as one creates the product that will guide the entire production. For their effort I am grateful and hope to attend more workshops with Ken and Buck.

I arrived to Ponca City Oklahoma early Saturday morning and the sun was shinning down through the clouds like a spot light from heaven. I arrived about three hours early so I had a fantastic breakfast at Happy Days restaurant. Then the book festival started. I shared a table with fellow author, Ursula Gorman and we signed a lot of books! I also met a great many people and then spoke in front of a room full of readers. I choked up and almost cried as I finished my reading for them and I thought to myself, “Dude, you have turned into a Mambi Pambi!” Still I had a great time and enjoyed it all so much! Life as an “Almost Famous” author is starting to get very exciting. Perhaps next year, I will be famous! Now back to working on the screen play for “The Night Eagles Soared”!


P.S. I would like to say thank you to Eyvonna Rains, a fellow author but also she was the person who set up the Ponca City event. She did an excellent job on everything from the location, to the awards dinner! Thank you Eyvonna!

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