Monday, April 30, 2012

An Array of Endorsements for "Burnt Yellow and Red."

"Steve Newman's perspective as a Green Beret combat veteran brings truth and realism to his characters in ways that non-fiction simply cannot. As reflected in his writing, serving on a Special Forces team begins as an assignment, but the crucible of combat elevates teammates to brothers."

John L. Plaster, Author – SOG: The Secret Wars of America’s Commandos in Vietnam

Burnt Yellow and Red is more than a terrific story of the unsung heroes of the Global War on Terror – the warriors of the United States Special Operations Forces.  It tells the story of the heart of these warriors, something that few people outside the brothers on their team ever get to know. While these truly Special warriors are “larger than life”, they also have a love and caring for their families and each other that only those who have gone into battle can ever achieve.  Steve Newman has captured this love and the heart and spirit of these warriors in Burnt Yellow and Red – it is a MUST read for ALL Americans!

Jeff Falkel Gold Star Father, Author of “The Making of Our Warrior

Congratulations to the author who continues to tell “more than a war story”, by revealing the hearts, lives and dreams of the men and women who serve us. No frills, no fuss, just the “real thing”.

Joyce Godwin Grubbs author, The Greyhound Lady Walking Series

Steve Newman's latest novel, "Burnt Yellow and Red," is a real break through in stories about the U.S. Army Special Forces (SF), The Green Berets. He shows who they are and how they work through the eyes of a Air Force Special Operations Command airman who understands the mission but has to gain an understanding of the SF operational detachment. This distinctive point of view shows a side of SF that is seldom seen – the view of the outsider. Newman crafts a tale, based on his own SF career as a Green Beret. This unique novel shows Special Forces soldiers and Special Operations airmen for who they really are: the guys who grew up next door and went on to become something extraordinary. I recommend this book to the long-time veteran, the guy who is looking to go to Special Forces School, or any American who wants to understand the greatest soldiers who ever walked the face of the earth.

CWO3 Tom Merrill, Special Forces (Retired)

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