Tuesday, April 3, 2012

About BYR

When you mix yellow and red together it becomes orange, but when you say it as Burnt Yellow and Red, it is a combination of colors; a mixture if you will.

Imagine the early morning sun casting long shadows over the mountains as it rises over the horizon on a cloudless sky.

Imagine a fire ball rising high into the air, roiling blackness surrounding the yellow and red flames as they invade the buzzards domain.

Imagine the photographic memories of this new generation; memories recorded on color film that over time becomes tarnished yellow and red, yet they still exist unblemished within our hearts, within our soul.

Imagine the Light of God as the opening to a portal through which only warriors may pass; a portal to..."The Gathering Place."

Then you will understand the true meaning of all things, "Burnt Yellow and Red." 

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