Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Status Report

Just wanted to let you know that I am in the process of completing my second book! It is a sequel to "The Night Eagles Soared" and the second book in a series of three that I have planned. I announced via email to all the readers who have purchased the first book directly from me that I was making a special offer for signed and numbered collectors copies and wanted to make sure to let you know about that. The link is below and in the title here, "Burnt Yellow and Red.” It will take you to the secure pay pal site to place an order for one or two copies.

One reader asked if I was still donating to the Green Beret Foundation and unfortunately for "Burnt Yellow and Red" I am not in a position to do that. I am still discounting by $2, and donating an additional $2 for each copy of "The Night Eagles Soared" purchased directly from me off my website or blog to the Green Beret Foundation. A link is provided below. In addition to that, I have donated a singed copy of the book to the GBF in support of the Silent Auction that will be conducted during the Gala this year in San Antonio, Texas. I believe that is in June. I also discounted the book's retail price by half to support the Green Beret Foundations' "Go Ruck" Wounded Warrior Support Program in which they are sending a rucksack filled with essentials to every Green Beret that is transferred to a Medical Treatment Facility. One item they are including in the rucks is a copy of my book "The Night Eagles Soared." Once the second one comes out, I will continue that offer on both books indefinitely for the GBF.

I am also working with the Task Force Dagger Foundation in conjunction with the TFDF Ozark Fishing Adventure at which they will host eight Wounded Warriors and their families from the Special Operations community for a weekend of fishing on Bull Shoals Lake in North Eastern Arkansas. For that I have donated copies of "The Night Eagles Soared" to be sold for donations and I have volunteered to speak at the Benefits Dinner because this is an important event and I want to make sure that folks come and enjoy it along with our wounded warriors. Jimbo Blakeslee is setting all that up by the way!

One last thing that I am involved with is the Southern Vets Fest to be held in Adairsville Georgia on the 30th of April. That little town hosts about 10k people each year for an outdoor concert and other activities in order to raise money to help feed Homeless Veterans in the North Georgia Area. And there are a great many of them, many are post 9-11 veterans. For this event I have donated time and effort to raise awareness and I have also volunteered to speak at the event.

It is the release of my first book that has given me a platform to work with and I thank God for that! The more copies of my books that I sell the more I will be able to do and so I ask for your support in these endeavors. Please help me spread the word about these three organizations and my writing to include the special offer for a signed and numbered copy of "Burnt Yellow and Red" and my first book, "The Night Eagles Soared!"

S. B. Newman, Author
The Legacy Series
"The Night Eagles Soared"
"Burnt Yellow and Red"

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