Monday, March 21, 2011

Screen Writers Workshop!

I have recently made an excellent contact who just happens to be a Tate Author like me! More importantly, Ken Farmer and his partners, Buck Stienke and Jim Roberson, founded Timber Creek Productions, LLC in 2006 specifically to acquire and produce quality film projects. Long story short, Ken has asked me if I would like to help organize a Screen Writers’ workshop to be held at a date and time of my choice. My thoughts on the workshop is that perhaps if enough people are interested in it we could hold it on Friday, the 13th of May in Oklahoma City since many of us are all participating in the North Oklahoma Literary Arts and Book Festival on the 14th.

Placing our superstitions aside, I still think that this could be a fantastic opportunity for two reasons. Ken Farmer is not only a professional Actor, Screen Writer, Author and Movie Director; he is also the owner of a Television and Movie Production Company.

In my conversation with Ken, he brought up the possibility of talking to Dr. Tate founder of Tate Publishing about hosting the location for the workshop there in Mustang, Oklahoma at Tate Headquarters. I see this as a win - win and I hope you might consider attending. The dates and location are flexible since we are just now starting to talk about it so any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It will be a six hour seminar on screen writing, and there are some costs involved. Ken is asking $75 per person, and we need a minimum of twelve people, max of 18 or so. Please feel free to contact me via email, or by posting a comment on here! Thanks and God Bless! Steve


  1. During the seminar Ken and Buck will be focusing on "Adapting the novel to screen play, structure, format, elements, do's and don'ts and, of course, storytelling."

    Film/tape/digital is different from the written word; it's a visual medium. If you can SHOW it, don't SAY it.

  2. This sounds great! I am interested, need to see if the schedule works out. Great idea!