Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ways to Support Our Troops

Since Christmas I have been focused on not only selling copies of “The Night Eagles Soared,” but also I have been working to support four different Non-Profit organizations. I have done this through social networking, pledging financial support, donating copies of the book to raise funds and by also dedicating time to attend different events as a guest speaker.

There are two events or causes that I have committed to supporting over the next few months that in my heart will be instrumental in helping out two separate groups of veterans. First, I will be at the Southern Vets Festival in Adairsville, Georgia on the 30th of April helping to raise money and awareness for Homeless Veterans of North Georgia; and there are many. Secondly, there is the Task Force Dagger Foundations’ Ozark Adventure that is geared towards helping our Wounded Warriors who are still in the process of recovering from life changing injuries.

The purpose of this post is to hopefully spur some into action but mostly to invite everybody who is able to attend the events in order to show solidarity and perhaps a little camaraderie with our brothers. There are four different organizations that I believe are doing excellent work for our brothers and sisters that I would like to introduce you to here. They are: Soldiers’ Angels, the Green Beret Foundation, The Task Force Dagger Foundation, and the Southern Vets Festival.

Now, I have put a link to each organizations website so that you will be able to research them yourself. Know that I am endorsing all of them and hope that you will choose to support one or the other, or all of them. My wife is a Soldiers’ Angel, and I work with the other three. So there is something there for everybody! Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions about how you may be able to help at. sbnou@live.com

Also, don’t forget that you can donate to the Green Beret Foundation through your purchase of a signed copy of, “The Night Eagles Soared” through the secure Buy Now button on the top of this page. Your support will go directly toward helping out a wounded Green Beret or his family and besides, you will have a great book to read, so why not? Go ahead and do it today!

God bless you all!

S. B. (Steve) Newman, Author
The Night Eagles Soared

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