Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I watched the movie "Fury" last night on DVD and overall I liked it, despite some obvious technical errors. Like soldiers wearing Vietnam era Bonnie hats and Sun Wind and Dust goggles, not to mention the really bad or unrealistic military hair cuts and such. It's just a haircut for crying out loud... get it right.

After I got over that, I was impressed by the way they depicted the strengths and weaknesses of the Sherman and Tiger tanks. Although the tank battles were not epic in scale, they were probably more realistic to the way things actually were.

The relationship of Top with his crew was interesting although TOP is a term of endearment usually reserved for Master Sergeants not Staff Sergeants. And the attitude of our boys towards the Nazi's was probably the most accurate depiction I've ever seen.

In reference to, "Saving Private Ryan" I once spoke with a WWII, 101st Airborne, Battle of the Bulge Vet who said he thought S.P.R. was hogwash. I asked him why? "They let that damn German go... You never let them bastards go." So in Fury, I found that it reflected his sentiment to the "T."

To bad this one got buried under by the latest Navy Seal Movie to hit the bricks. Is there any other unit in the military now days? Doesn't appear to be. "Fury," worth a trip to the Red Box, a buck fifty and a chicken dinner if you ask me.

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