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The Night Eagles Soared

For every man and military person past and present' this is a thrilling first person account by a Special Forces author in a fictional account of a 25 year career from joining, training and several missions from Panama thru being the first team after 9/11 into Afghanistan. Based on truth, I could not put it down despite a severe headache, eye problems and the need for sleep; still, I finished it in one read.
From a good Oklahoma author in his debut novel, and WOW, I was "there", I was, as a woman who lived peripherally through these historic events, amazed by the "insight and intensity" behind the scenes: things we never knew about going on behind the ...political and tactical decisions. It not only spotlights the Special Forces, but our armed forces.

The author, Steve Newman, also humanizes the lead character, Mike, and takes us back to Oklahoma to help us experience the personal sacrifices our military career people make to protect and serve us. All I can say is, I am very technical term savy now and can talk "fart sacks" and 'Bouncing Betty's " with the best of you. Women can truly appreciate this man and his world and I highly recommend meeting this amazing character. 

Congratulations to Steve Newman, keep writing, and writing, and writing.

I thoroughly enjoyed “The Night Eagles Soared.” So much in fact, that I am reading it again! Newman did a masterful job of bringing the common civilian up to speed with military life. I felt like I was with him, running through the jungle in Central American and flying on that military plane contemplating his life and all that he'd been through while on the mission of his life. This book brings home what those who defend us do. After reading this book, your mind and heart will be changed. I highly recommend it!

I just finished the book "The Night the Eagles Soared". It's a great read, with plenty of hard hitting stories of US Army Special Forces in clandestine operations in support of freedom loving people around the world. Understand the rigors of airborne school. Feel the tension as these elite warriors free fall into jungle drop zones at night. See the relief of hostages as their rescuers break into the camp and take out the Tangos who have imprisoned them. Plenty of action for the Military Action genre buff. Can't wait for Newman's next book.

Steve, "The Night Eagles Soared" was a great read; I eagerly look forward to your next book. You do both yourself and the Regiment proud, brother!


Sir, first let me say that I was extremely entertained by "The Night Eagles Soared" on many different levels. From a military standpoint I really enjoyed the attention to detail and strong narrative. But to be honest, the parts that I really loved the most were the moments in Oklahoma. I'm from Broken Arrow and went to OU and trust me I've been to Campus Corner and The Mont a few times. In case you don't already know, O'Connels moved to Campus Corner, and the one on Jenkins St. by the stadium is gone. For the past 9 months I have been deployed, and these parts really helped me remember more about home. I really am looking forward to your next book, and I already know that I won't be disappointed. Take care sir. 

John Baker

A very fine read, indeed!, January 26, 2011 From a warrior, this is written by a warrior, for warriors and those who support them. This is all about the real deal behind what our folks in the service give and do. A good read for any and all interested in what makes our military, truly special!

The Pen & Sword "The Penman's Sword" -

Steve is on my FB page and I have a signed edition of his book! I especially enjoyed his adventures in Central America and other places. I recommend his book!

Here's another endorsement: Ladies and gents of Professional, go and buy the book, NOW!

Team Sergeant @ Professional

I really enjoyed the book. My friend was over to the house while the wives did some Holiday cooking. I lent him the book, and while I watched college football, he read the entire book during that day. It's now with my barber, a West Point alum and former 11A. So, there are three who couldn't put it down. Thanks for a great read.

Aegisnavy @ Professional

I followed the "advice" of the Team Sergeant and ordered a copy from the link. I get a signed copy and a donation is made to the Green Beret Foundation - win, win. Let me know if there is a book signing in the area and I will bring it for personalization.

Thanks Steve, the book was great. I finished it last night. I even read some of it to my two week old twins. I thought it was funny that the sleep suits the hospital provided were called HALO sleep sacks. I loved the amount of detail in the book; it was like the writer had actually been there. :) I can not wait for the sequel.

Trap Line @ Professional

She perks up...”Sequel?” Yay! Let us know when it's out. I have thoroughly enjoyed the book, just finished it the other day. I felt like I was right there, you have a great ability to draw the reader in to the story lines.

Gypsy, Area Commander @ Professional

Steve, the emotion you displayed in your writing touched me, and also made me think of so many times when I identified with what you wrote, our careers are often so private, so personal, that putting it into words is difficult..............and often only shared among friends. Thank you for your words, your heart and your ability to help us all feel it. JB"

Jerry R. Bailey, SF Retired – Facebook

Steve, I have to provide another endorsement of your book. The book is simply outstanding. I only have one criticism. It kept me up late, since it was so good that it forced me to read it all in one sitting. I'm hoping we're blessed with a sequel

stg @ Professional

This is outstanding first person writing from someone in the Special Forces. This book was outstanding. I literally couldn't put it down; I just had to see how each chapter came out. Clearly this was written by someone who has actually been there and done that. As good as any James Webb novel I've eve read.
By this book, you won't be disappointed.

James Ipock –

Great book! Written by a true warrior! This is a must read for all those interested in what a Special Forces operator goes through during his career. This book takes a young trooper from the beginning of his career and twists and turns across several areas of operation, culminating in a hunt for Osama Bin Laden in the Special Forces Team Sergeant's last mission. The writer ability to make you feel as if you are on the mission is great! Once you start reading you can't wait until the next mission to see what happens next. It would be a shame to miss out on this outstanding story. Get your copy today, you won't be disappointed!

Crowder K. G. –

I went threw the Q-Course at about the same time. Brings back lots of memories. Also the way a Q-Course should be run. Seems today they tell students exactly what to do every minute of the day. Back then, info was written on a board and you were expected to be squared away when you showed up to go to the field. Of course the Olympia Bar in Colon got Honorable mention in your book as well.

kgoertz @ Professional Soldiers .com

This book grabs you from the onset and does not let up! You will find yourself hard pressed to put it down as you wind your way through the awe inspiring experiences of a United States Special Forces Soldier. The author has a style that allows this great book to be just as enjoyable to the civilian reader, as it is to the experienced Warfighter. I highly recommend this book to the person with even a slight interest in what goes on behind the scenes, while the rest of us sleep in our safe beds at night. I also recommend it to the hardened military person, who will clearly recognize the world of the warrior.

Review by: Airborne80 –

Excellent read! A real page turner; couldn't wait to see what happened next. This book is very realistic; written by a true SF Warrior.

(Block – Team Mate)

I finished your book last night. It was awesome except for one thing.... I need the rest of the story! When can I order the sequel?

Eddie Jewell, Long time friend!

I just finished the book and it was a great read! It was almost like I was there Gunny LOL. Fiction, but mirroring the truth with room for a sequel - also? I highly recommend this book! I finished it in two sittings and my 16 year old daughter can't put it down. Wants to know if Daddy did any of these things? I'll never tell LOL!!!

Block (Team Mate)

Received and read your book. It was an excellent and easy read. Being a fairly fast reader it took me about six hours to finish the book. It brought back a few memories of Panama, Salvador as well as Honduras. Standing by for Part two.

Bkleanords @ Professional Soldiers .com

Steve.....your book is a wonderful read.....once my husband Dan puts it down I pick it up...we almost came to loggerheads the other night as we both wanted to read it at the same's so well written. We are both most impressed, well done.....we wish you every success with it. We will cherish our copy forever.

Catherine Deck- Reader - Facebook

I love the book! You did an excellent job! I have a good friend who was in El Salvador, very much on the ground in harm's way. And while his mission was declassified and partially written up in one of the Special Operation's publications, your book provides me needed input on "the rest of the story".

The lines you wrote about El Salvador being "that dirty little war that was never discussed” truly hit home with me. I especially appreciated how you describe the reality the team members faced by having to carry on once they returned home, as if they had never done anything heroic. Well, that is the missing piece of a puzzle for me. You have given many others a voice they’ve never had, even if it is a fictional voice, it is powerful.

Rose Ann Daniels (Nurse and Author, Hope Mills, N. C.)

"May the ancestors guide you to the top; the place you have always been in my book!"

Swany Blano/Team Mate

God bless all my readers ! Thank you all so much for your kind words and I am so glad that you have enjoyed reading what I have written. It is an honor for me; you know, that you have chosen to allow my words into your life! I wish you all the very best! And God bless our troops
S. B. (Steve) Newman, Author - "The Night Eagles Soared"

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