Monday, May 5, 2014

My Current Writing Project!

Title: “To Kill or Capture” - The True Story of Operation Kaika, the Panjwai Fight.

Genre: Non-Fiction, Military, War, Action, Adventure, Special Forces.

Author:  Steven B. Newman
High Concept/Logline:
    "To Kill or Capture" is the true combat story of a team of Green Berets from the elite, secretive US Army Special Forces.  Ambushed and surrounded, this small band of brothers take on thousands of, heavily armed Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters hell bent on killing Americans.  With fearless personal example, the team inspired their Afghan brothers to continue the fight against overwhelming odds. Not since “Black Hawk Down” in Somalia has there been such an example of conspicuous gallantry in action. 

    The true story of “Operation Kaika,” is about a team of Green Berets in a battle that took place over two days and two nights in a small village about 12 miles southwest of Kandahar. The Green Berets, just nine of them, went into the village with eight other Americans and forty-eight Afghan soldiers on a cordon and search operation to capture a Taliban leader.   At the time, the American forces were accustomed to quick hit and run attacks by the Taliban; but this time, the enemy maintained a sustained, organized assault.  Clearly the tables had turned. 
    If not for the individual heroic actions and dedication to each other, the team would have been overrun.  With fearless personal example they inspired their Afghan brothers to continue the fight against overwhelming odds.   After defeating a multitude of determined enemy attacks, saving the lives of their comrades and preventing the destruction of the team, they lead their Afghan brothers to safety in order to live and fight another day. These men exemplify the warrior spirit and once again prove, “One man with courage makes a majority.” 
    This story is in keeping with the highest traditions of military heroism and brings honor upon those who gave the ultimate measure of sacrifice during the battle.   This story and these men now join their place in history as part of our nation’s military heritage stretching back to Bunker Hill, Gettysburg, Tripoli, The Marne, Normandy, Chosin, Khe Sanh, Fallujah, and now Panjwai Afghanistan.  This is the true story of Special Forces Operational Detachment A-765 in combat. 

    Steven Boyd Newman is a screen writer born out of the US Army Special Forces.  He retired from the US Army in 2003 after having served for over twenty years as a Green Beret.  Steve’s perspective as a combat veteran brings truth and realism to this story in ways the uninitiated writer simply can not.  From Norman, Oklahoma, Steve is a published author and graduate of Columbia College.  He continues writing about life as a soldier and helping others, especially veterans achieve their creative dreams.

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