Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Most Recent Review

I just received this review from a reader. Thought I would share it with you!


I just finished reading "The Night Eagles Soared"....thanks for a great book!

I've read hundreds of Special Ops, SF, Viet Nam books and yours was one of the best.

My Daughter-in-law got the book from you when you were at Hurlburt...she then gave it to me for Christmas along with "Burnt Yellow and Red".

Really enjoyed the specifics of the Panama portion of the book because I was on a Special Ops Weather Team in Panama for three years, 1968 - 1971. Things were considerably different then than when you were there.

I was stationed at Howard, but Went thru H.A.L.O. school in the first and probably last class that the 8th SF Group provided.

Anyway, good show, I like your writing style and your ABILITY to put together a good story...keep writing!

Thanks for your service...civilians don't have any idea what we all went thru.

Sincerely .... De Opresso Liber!

Dennis Davis
Master Parachutist

Thanks Dennis!

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